6 Must have SEO Plugins for WordPress

Here are some of the most essential SEO plugins for WordPress, which will help you with search engine optimization of your website, to rank your website on Google and other search engines.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast:

    WordPress SEO by Yoast is an advanced plugin by Yoast, which integrated many important features from some of the popular SEO plugins for WordPress like Robots meta, All in one SEO, RSS footer, Sitemap and many more. This plugin require proper configuration for optimum performance. Along with above feature, you can also edit your Robots.txt, .htaccess file using this plugin. This plugin also offers Keyword suggestion and Keyword optimization, which will give you an extra edge in Search engine ranking. Also, you can configure indexing and no-indexing of your site structure which is very useful for proper SEO of your blog.

  2. Google XML Sitemap:

    Sitemap helps search engine bots to crawl your site effectively. Google XML sitemap plugin helps you to generate sitemap of your blog and also as soon as you publish new post, this plugin will keep updating the site map. This is a dynamic plugin and you need to configure it only once. Simply install this plugin and create a sitemap and submit it to Google, Yahoo and Bing and forget about Sitemap submission after that. For better result, put a sitemap link in the footer of your blog as it helps in deep-indexing of your blog.

  3. XML Video and XML Image sitemap plugin:

    Images and videos are also great way for ranking and when you are creating a normal sitemap using Google XML Sitemap plugin, it doesn’t list images and videos. XML video and XML image sitemap plugin for WordPress helps in creating sitemap for your images & videos, and you can submit them to search engine service and drive traffic to your site.

  4. YARPP: Yet Another related post plugin:

    Though this plugin is more of usability plugin but I prefer it as SEO plugin, because it helps in linking to related article. YARPP also offers settings to show related posts in feeds, which helps in decreasing down the bounce rate and increasing user experience on your site. If not YARPP, you can use any other way but showing direct related posts will help in boosting your site usability.

  5. SEO friendly Image:

    Images helps a lot in driving traffic to your blog, but to rank for images you need to work on alt tag optimization of your blog. SEO friendly image plugin does the same by, converting your image name into Alt tag and make it search engine readable. Bonus tip: Always use your Keyword or relevant name as image name. Avoid using Image-001.jpeg and such names.

  6. PushPress:

    If you are suffering from indexing issue on your blog, try PushPress which is a free WordPress plugin to ping cloud servers. It helps in faster indexing of your blog. This is a plug and play plugin which doesn’t require any configuration.

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